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Sweethearts, Moms, Brethren and Friends:
    The 2006 Missouri DeMolay State Conclave will be May 26-29, 2006, at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City, Missouri.  Please mark you calendars now for this great event.
    In preparation for State Conclave 2006 Missouri DeMolay again offers Sponsorship Opportunities and well as the Yearbook.  These are vital for the success of the State Conclave as well as giving DeMolays, Squires, Sweethearts and others the opportunity to attend.
    We are proud to announce that Missouri DeMolay is again #1 in the world of DeMolay in Membership Growth!  In fact, Missouri DeMolay has shown the largest membership growth in Missouri DeMolay in over 50 years!!!
    With this comes the additional expenses to handle the ever increasing demands in Missouri DeMolay and at State Conclave.
    As you should know, other than donations, Missouri DeMolay has no other source of income.  This is different from the other Masonic Organizations where dues and other funds support the organization.
    In this regard, you will find attached forms for the Yearbook ads and well as Sponsorship Opportunities.  You may print, copy and email these forms as you please.  We are beginning this process early this year to allow you more time and opportunities to obtain Sponsors and Ads.
    If you have any questions, please let me know.  We are looking forward to an even bigger and better Missouri DeMolay State Conclave in 2006, with your help and support.
    Happy Holidays to All and Best Wishes for a Most Successful New Year!
Sincerely and fraternally,
Dad Cockerham

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 of which Frank S. Land was Founder."