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St Charles Manor Order of the Round Table


What is the Squires Program? 


It is a service and social organization for boys 8 to 11, who pledge that on their 12th birthday they will apply for membership to the International Order of DeMolay.


What will each boy gain from this program?


Each boy has the opportunity to learn the importance of being of service to others, to accept responsibility and to develop his own leadership qualities while having fun and learning in a values-based environment.


How does a boy become a member?


Any boy between the ages of 8 and 11 may become a member of the Order of the Squires of the Round Table, which is part of Missouri DeMolay and the International Order of DeMolay. He must only fill out an application consisting of his name, address, phone number, and parents signature to join the local group, which is called a Manor.  No sponsor is required. 


Who is in charge of the program?


This program is sponsored by the local DeMolay Chapter, whose Advisory Board appoints an Adult Advisor. This Manor Advisor is responsible for the operation of the Manor.  DeMolay Chapters are sponsored by the Masons.  Most Manor activities will take place in a Masonic Hall or in the residence of a Manor Advisor.


Who may attend the Squire meetings?


The Squire meetings are open to the Squire members, their friends and families. There is no restriction because of fraternal affiliation.  In fact, Squires membership is an invitation for family involvement and the Squire is generally accompanied by a parent or guardian to meetings and activities. 


Do the boys have their own ceremonies?


Yes, their ceremonies include Opening, Closing, Induction and Installation of Officers. These ceremonies provide an opportunity for the Squires to develop self-confidence and public speaking ability and serve to reinforce the important values of the program.  The ceremonies emphasize the values of Wisdom, Truth and Justice using symbols and terms from the age of Chivalry and the Knights of the Round Table. 


What other activities are there in addition to meetings?


Every group has at least one service project each six-month term. These projects may be in conjunction with the local DeMolay Chapter. Since the Squires are future DeMolay members, fun activities are planned with the local Chapter so the boys may get to know each other.  Activities are always supervised by trained Advisors.


How much does it cost?


There is a one time $10 initiation fees.  There may be some expense for outside activities such as swimming or bowling. 





For more information contact:


Tom Thomason                                             

St. Charles DeMolay Advisory Council Chairman

6 Stone Mill Lane St Peters, Mo 63376                

Phone: 636-244-0023                                      

Email: squires@modemolay.org


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