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Internet Newsletter, Wednesday, February 8th, 2006  

Welcome to the first Show Me DeMolay newsletter. One of the goals of the State Officers' of Missouri DeMolay this year is to establish a jurisdictional newsletter to keep everyone in the state informed on what is going on around DeMolay. This is the first step toward accomplishing that goal. Along with printed newsletters, the Show Me DeMolay Internet Newsletter will go out twice a month to keep you aware of the happenings in the state. If you have any suggestions or comments whatsoever, feel free to email James Glasgow at any time.

In This Issue
     ~What's Going On In Your Area
        - A collection of articles by Area
     ~DeMolay of The Month: January
        - Information on the DeMolay awarded 'DeMolay of the Month' for January
     ~Upcoming Events
        - Important dates to mark on your calendar!

What's Going On In Your Area
Reports about events and happenings in your local area
Area 3

Area 3 is growing new chapters!

There is a new chapter in St. Joe called Mochila Chapter (which means “backpack” in Spanish).  They meet at the Scottish Rite Temple on the 1st & 3rd Mondays.  The chapter has gotten off the ground with the help of Dad Marone, Dad Walker, Dad Patterson and Dad Arnold.

Excalibur Chapter, in Blue Springs, now has enough members to apply for their charter and Robert Goldberg Chapter, in Warrensburg, is very close: they only need one more member.    

Area 3 is planning an area Conclave on March 18 and 19 with sports and ritual. Complete details will follow at a later date!

Area 3 Installations in January: Frank S. Land Chapter installed Joey Fritz, MC.  State Jr. Councilor, Justin Woods did a terrific job bringing in the new officers at his own chapter and had great attendance for the dance.  William F. Kuhn Chapter installed Danny Best, MC.  Three SMC’s made up Kuhn’s installing officers!  It was great to see Dad Broome, Dad Bartelli, and Jr. Past State Master Councilor Justin Dryer!  Excalibur Chapter installed Travis Admire, MC.  DSMC Cory Meyer was Installing Officer and the chapter had a swim party instead of a dance that was a lot of fun.

Watch out Missouri!  The west will rule at conclave this year!   

~Kris Woods, State Area 3 Master Councilor 

Area 4

Waynesville Chapter Halo Tournament

Waynesville Chapter will be having a tournament for the video game Halo 2 on Sunday, February 26th from 2 pm to 6 pm. It will be located at the Waynesville Masonic Lodge, 1409 Ousley Road, Waynesville. There will be free drinks and snacks provided and the tournament is absolutely free. Those wishing to participate need to call Mike Jones, State Area 4 Master Councilor and pre-register. If you do not pre-register, you cannot be guaranteed a spot in the tournament. For more information, you can contact Mike Jones by e-mail or contact Dad Jones at home, or on his cell phone. 

Thank you!

~Mike Jones, State Area 4 Master Councilor

DeMolay of the Month: January
The DeMolay of the Month for January 2006 is...

Michael Watwood, Excelsior Chapter

Now, as for why. First off, this guy is dependable. If you ask him to do it, he'll do it without complaint. It does not matter if you ask him a month before it needs to be done or an hour before it needs to be done (both of which have happened). He'll do it anyway. In addition to this, he's always the first to volunteer, no matter what it is.

Second, he's a social fellow. Whenever we have a new member, do you know who's the first one to talk to and befriend the new member besides the people who signed the petition? It is Michael. He is truly Excelsior's welcoming party. In addition to this, he does not keep favorites. Despite the fact that we may have two small factions in our Chapter, he does not care. He associates and hangs out with both of them equally.

Third is about his attendance. To my knowledge, he has never missed a meeting. To my knowledge, he hasn't missed any activity or service project unless we had two coinciding ones or he had family projects.

Fourth, he's loved. Everybody at the Chapter loves him dearly. Enough said.

Fifth, membership. Sure, he's not a Brock Harrison or anything, but he's pulled in and is pulling his fair share that I can recall.

Sixth, ritual. He's an excellent ritualist. It takes him a while to memorize some things, but when it comes to floorwork, he's one of the best there is. In addition to this, he's our pro-tem man. He pro-tem's anything and everything, he cares not what. The only thing that he hasn't pro-temmed as is Master Councilor.

Finally, as far as I can see at this point, he has virtually dedicated this part of his life to DeMolay.

Now, I know all of you are wondering something. Who is this Michael? Some of you may think that he does not deserve DeMolay of the Month or is not as worthy as some because he doesn't have a BHK, or PMC-MSA, or is a RD, or some other such thing. They're great things to have, I agree. I aspire to have them someday too. But, are they as important as knowing the meaning of DeMolay and living it in your life? I do not think so. Michael, he knows the meaning of being a DeMolay. He lives the life of a DeMolay. I personally, think that a lot of DeMolay's, myself included, could learn from Michael.

This, my friends and brothers, is why I nominate Brother Michael Watwood of Excelsior Chapter for DeMolay of the Month.

~Gabe Eggers, State Area 5 Master Councilor

Upcoming Events
More information about events can be found by emailing provided contact or visiting modemolay.org
Date Event


Feb 9th  Kirkwood Sweetheart Interviews and Elections, 7:30PM Dad Fred Veinfurt
Feb 10th
Troy Chapter's Installation of Officers, 7PM
Jamie Phillips, A1MC
Feb 11th
Kirkwood Chapter's Sweetheart Coronation and Dance, 7PM
Dad Fred Veinfurt
Feb 12th Adelphi Chapter's Chili Feed, 2PM Dad Irvine
Feb 12th Saint Louis Basketball League Dad Fred Veinfurt
Feb 17th Alpha Chapter's  Sweetheart Coronation and Prospect Party Kris Woods, A3MC
Feb 18th Mineral Area Chapter's Sweetheart Coronation and Dance, 7PM Billy Elkins, A6MC
Feb 19th Saint Louis Basketball League Dad Fred Veinfurt
Feb 20th Area 3 Basketball, 8PM Dad Roger Salyer
Feb 21st Excelsior Chapter Election of Officers and Sweetheart Elections Dad Rodney Pensel
Feb 24th Frank S. Land Chapter's Sweetheart Coronation and Dance, 7:30PM Kris Woods, A3MC
Feb 25th  Grand Master's Youth Day 2006 (more info to come) modemolay.org
Feb 26th Waynesville Chapter Halo Tournament, 2PM Mike Jones, A4MC
Feb 26th Saint Louis Basketball League Dad Fred Veinfurt


Contact: jamesg@modemolay.org
Web: www.modemolay.org

Show Me DeMolay Internet Newsletter, Wednesday, February 8th, 2006      Issue #1

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